US Mission Creep in Iraq and Syria. American Boots on the Ground “to Fight the Islamic State”?


America’s long war on Iraq continues endlessly, ongoing for nearly five years in Syria – naked aggression by any standard.

Despite Obama promising no US boots on the ground, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said increased numbers are planned in addition to ones already deployed – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS.

Meeting with his French, British, Australian, German, Italian and Dutch counterparts in Paris, Carter focused on escalating conflict in Iraq and Syria, aiding the scourge Washington claims to oppose.

Obama again proved he’s a serial liar, Carter saying he approved seeking “additional opportunit(ies) to make a difference according to strategy…”

The Pentagon plans major combat operations in northern Syria and Iraq, Carter not explaining how many US combat troops will be involved.

Claiming the aim is to degrade and defeat ISIS is a complete hoax. Washington created and actively supports the terror group, using its fighters as imperial foot soldiers.

It flourishes because of outside support, ravaging Syria and Iraq, increasingly active in Libya and elsewhere.

Carter saying Washington leads a global coalition against it, using “airstrikes, special forces, cyber tools, intelligence, equipment, mobility and logistics, and training, advice and assistance” conceals active US support.

Saying the campaign includes “protecting the American homeland” belies reality. A February Brussels meeting involving 26 nations is planned.

Claiming it aims to “hasten” the defeat of ISIS conceals continued US support, an agenda of endless imperial wars.

Washington’s so-called “advise and assist mission” is cover for mission creep – escalated naked aggression, using increasing numbers of US combat troops in Iraq and Syria, thousands already there, unknown greater numbers coming

On the one hand, it’s to support ISIS. On the other, it involves countering Russia’s effective Syria campaign, waging real war on terrorism, polar opposite Washington’s phony one.

US airstrikes target infrastructure and government sites, not ISIS. Civilians are being killed, Washington indifferent to noncombatant casualties and human suffering.

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