US Government Supports ISIS: “Occasional” Mistake or System Error


The recent days have witnessed a series of statements about US failed operations against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. While experts confirm it by mentioning a great number of evidences that are verified by the American and British press the White House and Pentagon prefer to interpret it as inevitable “occasional mistakes”.

This is happening just after the scandal related to US intelligence data’s manipulations has fared. December 11 Republican representatives in Congress initiated a formation of a special group to launch a concurrent investigation of US operations in the Middle East. So could it be the evidence of official acknowledgement of Obama’s disastrous strategy as well as the doomed to fail US political course in the region for the late 13 years?

Until later alleging that its main goal is to bring down the Assad regime Obama administration has spent billions of dollars to train and equip Syrian rebels. But the results came short and instead of helping the opposition Washington allowed the Islamic State to thrive.

This September, US-trained Division 30 rebels were reported to have handed weapons over to al-Qaeda’s affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra which frustrated CENTCOM. Apparently, CIA covert “train and equip” program ended in deadlock. So, $500 million wasted on training at least 70 soldiers vanished as well as the trained fighters.

The US ammunition airdrop campaign also seemed to be failed. An uploaded in October 2014 video revealed that terrorists had captured one of the US-airdropped bundles intended for Kurdish forces. Then the Pentagon chief has admitted that only 80% of airdrop supports gain its target, so the rest falls into the hands of ISIS and other extremist groups.

The same is the case with Iraq. After a series of defeats the Iraqi Army left a significant number of battle vehicle, ammunition and weapons delivered by the USA as part of “equip and train” program which total cost amounts to more than 650 million dollars. Though, according to the experts this is a drop in a bucket. Up to 2,300 Humvee armored vehicles, 40 main battle tanks, 74,000 machine guns, 52 M198 towed howitzers were abandoned and are used by the Islamic State now.

Thus, a great part of the federal budget allocated for anti-ISIS operations serves the terrorist needs. So, the question arises: isn’t it time for Washington to pause and take a new direction?

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