ISIS – Returning to Middle Ages

The-execution-operation-of-the-Indonesian-file-ImageSince last year there were many videos on the Internet showing execution of different people by ISIS militants. Each video was accompanied with a massage which served as a deterrence for all mankind. For those who dare to desecrate groups’ actions or who are suspected of acts aimed at the destruction of the group, there will be terrible consequences.
One of the most shocking video clips was the execution of two Syrian teenagers who supposedly had broken the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. The murder happened in Syrian town of Mayadin. The bodies of executed children were exposed in a public place with posters describing the reason for their death.
In addition to this video clip, there were facts of executions of women and elderly, who tried to protect their relatives and homes. These atrocities were not indulged in social publicity while the acts carried out in public to show what happen to anyone who will refuse to comply with ISIS.
According to a Syrian refugee Khadija al-Baghdadi who was an eyewitness of such execution, ISIS militants are very cruel demonstrating to everyone what awaits them in case of disobedience. The terrorists executed a woman and her teenage son who refused to join the militants. Before they were publicly shot, the terrorists cut the boy’s throat and forced his mother to watch. After this they’ve done the same to her. Tell the people were scared, means tell nothing. And this is just one fixed fact. But if you believe the refugees’ words, such atrocities occur every day and in every city of Syria captured by ISIS.
Besides, despite the attempts of the United States, struggle against ISIS have led to nothing, and this terrorist organization is updated with new fighters. Those who couldn’t escape their towns were shot, beheaded or just become one of the terrorists, fearing for their life or lives of their relatives. If someone from a family protested, all relatives would be executed because they couldn’t instruct his brother, sister, father or mother on “the right path”.
ISIS is the embodiment of evil which is moving by leaps and bounds through the Middle East and begins to run tentacles to Europe.

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