Cops Deploy Chemical Weapons For Baltimore Curfew, Journalists Specifically Targeted

baltimore-riot Minutes after the curfew went into effect last night in Baltimore, the police attacked protestors with chemical weapons known as teargas and pepper balls. Protesters were also assaulted with rubber bullets and other “less than lethal” weapons. An unidentified chemical agent that was described as feeling like “glass hitting your face” was reportedly used to specifically target journalists, according to Luke Rudkowski. 11205552_1113111522039176_4260677838551024644_n In the videos released by We Are Change, journalists dart back and forth between structures trying to remain safe from the chemical onslaught brought on by police. These may not be chemical weapons as extreme as you may have envisioned, but nevertheless, that’s what they are. In fact, tear gas has been banned by the UN for use in warfare since 1993, but it’s still used against protesters in America. The moment the journalists move, they are shot at by police with rubber bullets and chemical agents. Some of the footage of these incidents is posted below via We Are Change. Cold police stand behind shields while protestors in gas masks pick up teargas containers and hurl them back at cops. The videos below are in chronological order. The last one contains the footage of police targeting journalists specifically.

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