Trey Gowdy’s Tweet Will Send Shock Waves Through Hillary Camp

As many of you have now heard, Hillary Clinton didn’t do herself any favors at her press conference today at the United Nations. She claimed it was inconvenient  to use two cell phones, so she decided to not use a government email account. With only one email account, her personal and work emails were mixed up. She dutifully went through and reported her work emails to the State Department for review…and deleted the rest. Who decided which emails were personal and need not be subject to review? She did, of course. The entire press conference is worth the watch, if only to witness how brazenly deceptive she was.

Reporters of all stripes on social media were vicious during and after the press conference. It was pretty obvious that Clinton wasn’t being straightforward, and frankly, some of her answers contradict what has been said in the past:

If the negative coverage weren’t enough, Hillary Clinton and her supporters have this to worry about:

Grab the popcorn. If this performance was the best she could do in front of more or less supportive journalists (though in fairness, there were a couple of good questions), imagine the inconsistencies that Gowdy will be able to unearth.

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